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Delivering Technical Excellence and Environmental Protection
to the Shipping Industry

Environmental Technologies

Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems that offer
significant savings to the shipping industry.
Hybrid (Open and close loop)
All Stream (One unit serves all exhaust sources, including boilers)
No Restrictions (Efficient operation in all types of water)

Ballast Water Treatments Systems

Groundbreaking proven BWTS using neither filters nor chemicals.
With emphasis on simplicity it offers:
Easy Installation, ideal for retrofits
Easy Operation, Pressure Drop & UV system
Easy Maintenance. Minimal requirements and OPEX

Environmental solutions that enable vessels comply with all enacted & future Maritime Regulations

Machinery & Parts

Always Delivering Reliable | Innovative | Trouble Free Solutions.
Specially Designed for Maritime Industry

Engineering Services

Combining technical knowledge and numerous maintenance projects, Maritech Group obtained the overall expertise in the spare parts maintenance of Plate Heat Exchangers and Fresh Water Distillers (Evaporators), achieving to become one of the world’s leading service providers. Through our maintenance schemes, we prolong plate’s lifetime and provide owners with economical and robust solutions. At the same time we have introduced innovative technical schemes for the benefit of Maritime industry!

Plate’s Reinforcement
Plates Rotation
Strategic Plate Packs

Indicative Clients

Golden Union
alpha tanker

About Us

Maritech Group, established in 1977, is an engineering and manufacturing company, that offers to the maritime industry trustworthy Spares Parts and Machinery and superior Environmental Technologies. For more than 40 years we operates 3 divisions, fully dedicated & specialized to its competent sector.
Spare Parts and Machinery | Engineering Services | Environmental Technologies

Private Client Area

Our members have free access to interesting content about environmental technologies, technical studies, industry reports, Maritech Group corporate Material etc. Moreover, in this private area our clients may find exclusive information, related to their company.

Our Latest News

Green Event 2017

New EVENT- Coming soon – A new maritime era. Maritech Group & Clean Marine are preparing a dedicated to Exhaust Gas Cleaning (ECGS) event.

Greener Shipping Summit 2017

New EVENT- 14 Nov 17 – The Horizon is Crowded Maritech Group & Clean Marine Participate at Greener Shipping Summit 2017

Infographic – Advantages of Engineering Programs of Maritech Group

Discover our Innovative Engineering Programs for PHE & FWG plates
that can help you reduce your OPEX and maximize your machineries performance.

Addressing maritime environmental challenges in 2017

Shipping is the cornerstone of global trade and the life blood of the world’s economy with more than 90% of the global trade carried by ships. The size and scale of shipping also means that shipping has significant environmental impact in absolute terms even if it is comparatively green.

Heat Exchanger Plate’s & Gasket’s Range

Check our marine-dedicated complete range of Plates and Gaskets. We aim to combine best quality at competitive prices, ready to be delivered to your...

Global treaty to halt aquatic invasive species to enter into force in 2017

Accession by Finland has triggered the entry into force of a key international measure for environmental protection that aims to stop the spread of potentially invasive aquatic species in ships’ ballast water. The International Convention for the...

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