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About Maritech Group

Determined to succeed

Maritech Group, established in 1977, is an engineering and manufacturing company, that delivers reliable, innovative and trouble free solutions to the shipping industry.

Looking into the Future

If you want to gear a company to the future,
you have to answer the below 3 fundamental questions:

What do you stand for?

What sets you apart?

How will you achieve long-term success?

Having clearly answered these three questions,
we are paving our way to a successful future, focusing on…


A clear mission

A mission expresses a company’s self-understanding and defines its aspirations. “Deliver what we promise” is our mission and what inspires us every day. That’s what we stand for. That’s what sets us apart. A reflection of our quality services and superior products, is the mission that aspires us to succeed.


A corporate culture adopted by everyone

“Surpassing our client’s expectations” is not just our corporate culture message, but the promise that every employee takes personal responsibility to deliver, in order to contribute to our Company’s success.


A strategy, that leads to business growth

Maritech Group, established in 1977, is an engineering and manufacturing company that offers to the shipping industry trustworthy Spares Parts and Machinery, excellent engineering services and superior Environmental Technologies.
Focusing on our commitment for success and quality services Maritech Group operates 3 separate divisions, fully dedicated, specialized to its competent sector.

Environmental Technologies

Environmental solutions that enable vessels comply with all enacted & future maritime regulations. We stand by our clients to solve maritime environmental challenges with products of high quality, specially designed to meet your needs.

We supply Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems, Ballast Water Treatment Systems and other products while we are always alert to add to new technologies and solutions to our portfolio

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Spare Parts & Machinery

Through our own line of Maritech branded parts for Plate Heat Exchangers & Fresh Water Generators, we offer high quality alternative spare parts that guarantee same performance as original.

At the same time, we supply a wide range of spare parts for Fresh Water Generators, Plate Heat Exchangers, Pump Parts, Separator Parts, and Filters, Main engine Parts and other parts specialized to shipping sector.

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Engineering Services

Combining technical knowledge and numerous maintenance projects, Maritech Group has obtained the overall expertise in the maintenance of Plate Heat Exchangers and Fresh Water Distillers plates, achieving to become one of the world’s leading service providers.

Our experienced troubleshooters’ offer support and first-hand advices to keep your vessels traveling properly and minimize your OPEX. Therefore, we have developed several programs, such as Rotation Scheme or Reinforcement.

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A leading team

Our people are assigned a starring role on our strategy for growth and evolution. Working together, we are performing better, we are achieving more and we always deliver superb services of high professionalism.
A diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment are vital to our success, leading to greater innovation and better solutions to our client’s benefits.

Indicative Clients

Golden Union
alpha tanker

Latest News

Greener Shipping Summit 2017

New EVENT- 14 Nov 17 – The Horizon is Crowded Maritech Group & Clean Marine Participate at Greener Shipping Summit 2017

Addressing maritime environmental challenges in 2017

Shipping is the cornerstone of global trade and the life blood of the world’s economy with more than 90% of the global trade carried by ships. The size and scale of shipping also means that shipping has significant environmental impact in absolute terms even if it is comparatively green.