How Technical Excellence Should Be

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Why Maritech Group

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20 reasons to work with us

Competitive Advantages that stand out

  1. Experts in Plate Heat Exchangers and Fresh Water Generators
  2. 40 years experience in shipping equipment
  3. Employees with maritime expertise
  4. Reliable, innovative and trouble-free technical Solutions you can trust
  5. Holistic Approach by Marine experts: Manufacturing, supplying and repairing
  6. 3 separate Divisions, fully dedicated to its competent sectors
  7. Driven by passion for excellent results and cost effective performance
  8. Own production of Fresh Water Generators plates, gaskets and parts.
  9. Own production of Plates Heat Exchanger plates, gaskets and parts.
  10. Dedicated Service Center, that combines technical knowledge and successful maintenance projects
  11. Represent 20 first class manufacturers.
  12. Providing alternative spare parts performing as good as genuine ones
  13. A quality supplier of Plates and Gaskets
  14. Always selecting the most suitable option which fulfils our client’s requirements.
  15. Technical Solutions that reduce our client’s OPEX
  16. Continuous improvement to our clients benefit
  17. With respect to the people and environment protection
  18. Standing by our clients through advanced after sales support
  19. Our policy and commitment in Quality has been formalized in the ISO 9001:2008 Certification
  20. Once a client always a client

Indicative Clients

Golden Union
alpha tanker

Latest News

ICT selects Clean Marine Scrubbers

Clean Marine celebrates launch of ground-breaking ‘compact’ scrubber with a seven-system order from Inventor Chemical Tankers Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) company Clean Marine has secured a multi-vessel contract from Inventor Chemical Tankers...

Clean Marine launches CleanSOx Compact

The new CleanSOx Compact EGCS, through its significant size and weight reduction design allowed by the unique patented gas recirculation technology , brings maritime scrubbers to the next level. The compact size of this scrubber does therefore not...

Green Event 2017

New EVENT- 27/11 – A new maritime era. Maritech Group & Clean Marine are preparing a dedicated to Exhaust Gas Cleaning (ECGS) event.