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Addressing maritime environmental challenges in 2017

How to select Environmental Technologies for your fleet

Shipping is the cornerstone of global trade and the life blood of the world’s economy with more than 90% of the global trade carried by ships. The size and scale of shipping also means that shipping has significant environmental impact in absolute terms even if it is comparatively green.

The environmental impact of shipping includes discharge of Ballast Water, Air Emissions and Oil pollution and compliance challenges are multi-faceted, requiring the co-operation, participation and commitment of every member of the international maritime community. The transition from a conventional maritime economy to a green or sustainable one, could be a tremendous economic and investment opportunity, if approached correctly.
Operation without restrictions
Selection of new environmental technologies should be made considering their efficiency, economics but also on their impact on vessel’s operation.

Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (SOx Scrubbers).

We believe that Hybrid systems apart a future-proof solution, combining Open & Close loop modes. Moreover, we support the concept of “ONE FUEL, ALWAYS, ANYWHERE” which is possible through Allstream scrubbers; having 1 single unit serving simultaneously all exhaust sources, including the Boilers.

Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS).

We understand of vital importance that system’s performance should not be affected from salinity, turbidity and temperature. Clogging, corrosion, byproducts formation are issues which should be also addressed from each vendor.
We support the concept of “No Filters – No Chemicals” ensuring safety and high operational reliability.

Back to Simplicity

Evaluation of the capabilities of each technology and knowledge of how systems will be used and actually perform is a critical challenge and we cannot all agree which is the best course of action. In Maritech, we believe that it takes deep understanding and knowledge to achieve delivering a system which fulfils regulatory standards while having minimal requirements.
More simplicity results in less OPEX and less maintenance.

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