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Clean Marine launches ground-breaking CleanSOx Compact

The new CleanSOx Compact EGCS, through its significant size and weight reduction design allowed by the unique patented gas recirculation technology , brings maritime scrubbers to the next level.

The compact size of this scrubber does therefore not necessitate or involve a major design change or rebuilding of a vessels to fit the equipment onboard. The CleanSox Compact scrubber therefor represents the optimal solution for owners opting for scrubbers when considering parameters like: hybrid, Allsream, Size, Weight, Design and the Total Cost to have it installed and commissioned.

Key features

  • Height reduced by 66%
  • Weight reduced by 30%
  • Cost reduced by 30%


  • Operates with one fuel in all areas and harbours
  • No need for major rebuilding of the vessel; minimum footprint requirements
  • Reduced installation and commissioning time
  • Future proof solution
  • Minimum CAPEX and OPEX
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