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Maritech Group Green Event at Gazarte, Athens

Thank you for Participating to our Event

A great Green event, at a great Greek place!

“Would like to thank our customers, our staff and our partners for participating at Green Event held on 27th September at Gazarte, Athens.”

Towards enacted and forthcoming maritime environmental regulations, our event served its purpose in spraying the world about our professional approach. In Maritech, we met our primary goal and are now prepared with innovative, simple and trouble-free Ballast Water Treatment and Exhaust Gas Cleaning solutions, able to meet safely with the requirements and support our customers against environmental challenges.

Our aim from the very beginning is to offer 360° support to our customers and pleased to announce that in cooperation with Norwegian Export Credit can further assist you with financing of your projects.

During the following period, Maritech will also launch engineering and after sales services to solidify its environmental portfolio. We will keep you updated for our progress.

Sorokas Dimitris,
CEO, Maritech Group Ltd.


Frode Helland­Evebø

Frode Helland­Evebø

CSO, Clean Marine A/S Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Clean Marine AS

Experienced Maritime Executive with world wide network in the marine industry

Bernt Olav Bauer­Nilsen

Bernt Olav Bauer­Nilsen

Project Manager, Knutsen Technology A/S

Experienced Maritime Executive with world wide network in the marine industry.

Kaare Haahjem

Kaare Haahjem

Senior Vice President Export Credit

Long experience at the bank & financial sector, controlling and finding solutions for demanding projects, corporate customers and financial institutions.

Event info

Sunday, September 27, 2016

Agenda - Key Topics

  1. CM Exhaust Gas Cleaning,
  2. Operating Experience and Developments

  3. KBAL Ballast Water Treatment,
  4. Out of the box Simplicity

  5. Finance your projects from Norway

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