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Ballast Water Treatment Summit

Maritech Group & KBAL

Knutsen Participated at Greener Shipping Summit 2015

Knutsen technology participated in this very important summit where selected BWTS makers presented their experience gained from retrofitting installations.
Mr. Per Lothe, MD, Knutsen Technology AS participated and shared his experience from several KBAL installations in own fleet.

“No system is equal,” declared Mr. Lothe, whose system is “one developed by a shipowner for shipowners”. The company has experience with newbuildings and retrofits. “Our aim was to avoid a filter” Lothe said.

KBAL BWTS has received DNV Type Approval, USCG AMS Acceptance and selected DNV-GL for its USCG Type Approval process.
Knutsen Technology has the confidence to further continue verifications of the system providing future proof assurance for its customers and its own fleet and currently performing an additional full G8 Ship Board Test for high and very high flow rates w/DNV and NIVA.

KBAL BWTS is probably the most efficient and user-friendly BWTS available on the market. Due to the highly effective and compact pressure vacuum reactor, the system does not use any filters nor chemicals, hence a minimal foot print is required. Working principles ensure operation with no trade limitations or variations related to salinity, temperature, quality of sea water. No holding time restrictions.
Knutsen’s KBAL apart a simple and safe solution for the vessel, the crew and the environment.

Ease to operate – Ease to maintain – Ease to retrofit.
Treatment during voyage (TDV) option is a very competitive process, enabling vessels to ballast as per normal with no effect on flow or power, while using smaller systems with lower capacity.

• Highly effective technology
• No Filters
• No Chemicals
• No Operational restrictions
• Flexible Treatment modes; unique treatment by circulation (during voyage)
• Very small footprint
• Minimum OPEX
• Simple, Easy; ideal for Retrofits/NBs

About Knutsen Technology AS
Knutsen Technology AS is a spin-off from Knutsen OAS Shipping AS; a fully integrated shipping company having strong focus on health, safety, security, environment and quality.
Knutsen Technology has developed its own proprietary technology for VOC reduction during tanker loading, Knutsen KVOC. Based on the KVOC invention the company developed a simple ground-breaking technology for ballast water treatment for large vessels; KBAL. The KBAL BWTS is the first treatment system in the world not to use neither filters nor chemicals.

Mr. Per Lothe, MD, Knutsen Technology AS

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March 31, 2015

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Maritime Industry

Lydra Hotel, Athens
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