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Engineering Services


Service is job one
Maritech Group Service offers support and first-hand expertise to keep your vessels travelling properly and minimize your OPEX.


A wide Range of In-situ or On Board Engineering Services

Combining technical knowledge and numerous maintenance projects, Maritech Group is recognized as one of the world’s leading service providers for Plate Heat Exchangers and Fresh Water Generators.


Bridging The Gap

Maritech Group has the technical competence to bridge the gap between theory and reality, making us an important service provider of your vessel.
With a strong focus on Plate Heat Exchangers and Fresh Water Generators, we offer engineering solutions for cost minimization and operational continuum.

Cost-Reduction Programs

Cost-Reduction Programs

We have been working with several of our clients to help them drive down their costs and maximize their return on investment over their equipment’s life cycle.
Having the knowledge and resources, Maritech Group offers several schemes to prolong your installation lifetime, reduce down times and avoid extra costs.



Our engineering services can make a real difference in your operations by identifying vulnerabilities and provide sustainable solutions. We redesign, upgrade and service your equipment, helping you to increase its performance.

Main Advantages of Maritech Group Engineering Services:

– Innovative Schemes

– Designed for Best Performance

– Prolong Lifetime

– Operational continuum

– Minimize OPEX

– A team of Experts

– Sustanable Solutions

– High Availability

– Focus On PHE & FWG

Are you planning a maintenance for PHE or FWG?

Rely on our 360° engineering services

Cutting down the cost is a science

Cutting down running costs is a non-stop procedure. Our Engineering Services offer support and first-hand expertise to keep your equipment running properly and minimize your OPEX.
At Maritech Group we have designed and executed several engineering programs that enable our clients save money, time and effort.

1. Plate’s Reinforcement

We extend Plate’s lifetime through, a unique reinforcement method that ensures longer lifetime and leakage-free operation. Our service engineers designed and incorporate an AISI 316L add-on to strengthen plates against deformations

2. Plates Rotation

Through “Plates Rotation” program, not only we have managed to reduce service time but abridge remarkably repair spending and OPEX.


3. Strategic Plate Packs

We have pre-created Plate Packs, ready to be used and delivered to your vessels as soon as your request arrives. This is a really helpful emergency solution, especially in case of no remaining stock.

Plates Rotation in 3 Stages

Stage 1

We repair the plates of your vessels

Stage 2

We keep your plates in our warehouses as stock, until a new requirement comes up

Stage 3

We deliver the repaired plates to any vessel of your fleet needs it

Delivery within 24 hours

So, through our rotation scheme, you may create your own stock of plates for PHE or FWG that will be fully available to cover any request may come up from your fleet, at any time.

At Maritech Group not only we provide solutions to the real-world challenges but we continuously look for alternative options that amplify your vessels performance and minimize your OPEX.

Maintenance services for your benefit

Maritech provides a wide range of in-situ and onboard engineering and maintenance solutions, improving equipment reliability, extend its lifetime, decrease operational and maintenance costs and, increase uptime and actual performance.

A 10 steps process

Combining our knowledge and technical experience we have developed a 10 step process to streamline recondition

In many cases, in order to extend the performance of your equipment and maximize resistance to deformation, an extra step is followed. We have named this step “Reinforcement” and is the outcome of our adept in Plate Heat Exchanger and Fresh Water Generators.

Experienced and skilled engineers

Maintenance requires a complete and deep experience and expertise. Our service engineers are well trained to perform outstanding repairing solutions that are designed for the benefit of our clients, always aiming to improve performance and minimize OPEX.
Our experienced and skilled team is composed of experts that solve issues and provide immediate on- and offsite support. Our troubleshooters identify and prevent hazardous situations, improve working conditions for your staff, reduce OPEX and minimize downtimes. We are experts on detecting what causes trouble and unplanned situations to Fresh Water Generator and Plate Heat Exchangers machineries. Our engineers make sure that your machinery works well and reaches excellence in performance.

We Can support you

It will be our honor to contact us when you notice a performance decrease, any unexplainable operation deviations, process disturbances, or unusual energy consumption.
Our Team of Experts will diagnose and troubleshoot problems quickly and accurately.

More analytically they will revert to:

Analyze the situation & identify the cause of the problem.

Propose corrective actions to be taken

Design solutions that prevent future disturbances

Make sure that the problem is effectively solved.

We can train your crew

In order to make it effectively happen, we keep our staff well trained and updated with new technics and methodologies. We focus on expanding our people skills, raising their competence and increasing their production efficiency. We strongly believe that systematic training raises productivity, safety and optimum performance. We support our clients by offering extensive and analytic training on Fresh Water Generator and plate Heat Exchanger operation, functionality and excellence performance.

Reduce your OPEX. Maximize your Machineries Performance

Maritech Group Engineering Services, are specially designed to cover all your needs

Your goal, is our goal

We are here to help and totally support you, whenever you need it.
Our well trained staff will kindly reply any question regarding our engineering services, products and procedures.
We can support you at any request over the phone or even in situ or on board.
We always do our best to resolve your problems and stand by your side to decrease your OPEX and increase performance. That’s not just a statement but a company philosophy that we strongly believe and daily apply.

Kbal support

FAQ: Engineering Services

How often do I need to clean the heat exchanger plates?

Cleaning necessity varies based on the type of fluid, operating temperature, flow speed, etc.
Please note that dirt on the plate heat exchangers affect its thermal performance.
We recommend that a professional clean the heat exchanger plates to avoid malfunction in the equipment.

How do we calculate compression length of each unit?

Each make/type has its own design parameters. Do not exceed the limit indicated in the documentation of your machine. If you are not sure about it, Contact Us and we will assist you. Going over the pressure limit will risk your plate pack.

What does it cost to repair my plate pack and not buy new ones?

Without any doubts, reconditioning of your existing plate pack is the most economical solution, achieving more than 50% cost reduction. Beyond the repair economics, Maritech in addition extends your plate’s lifetime, offers strategic plate packs, rotation programs, in-situ/onboard technical assistance and troubleshooting.

Why to select Maritech maintenance programs?

Our Engineers are Experts on Fresh Waters Generator and Plate Heat Exchangers services. Combining technical knowledge and numerous maintenance projects, we can make a real difference in your operations by providing sustainable solutions that reduce your OPEX and maximize your plate’s lifecycle.

Is Maritech certified to perform maintenance services?

Yes, Maritech has an ISO 9001:2015 granted by TUV for the manufacture, supply and maintenance of plate heat exchangers.

Are repaired plates going to operate well after the service?

Used plates are thoroughly inspected and tested during maintenance cycle. Plate’s fatigue is also considered and only plates capable for re-use are being delivered. Maritech offers dedicated maintenance services including reinforcement of plates to extend their lifetime.

How do I understand that my plates need recondition and not replacement?

The majority of plates received in our service station are deformed and only few found heavy damaged and/or with cracks. Precise number of plates capable for re-use can be advised only after the completition of maintenance.

What guarantees Maritech provides?

All new plates are provided with a 24 months warranty while, all repaired plate bear a 12 month warranty.

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Providing a 360 Service Support

We love being your partner all the way. That’s why we always try to evolve and extend our services. So not only we manufacture and supply qualitative spare parts or machinery for Fresh Water Generators and Plate Heat Exchangers, but we support our clients by holistic maintenance services that ensure that your equipment performs to the level it was designed to.
Moreover, when it is time for an equipment upgrade, our engineers propose technologically advanced alternative solutions that fit best to your needs, budget, current and future requirements.
Last but not least if you really wish to maximize performance, a condition audit it the best way to succeed it. By carrying out a condition audit, our experts define your equipment’s mechanical condition, identify the cleaning requirements & repair needs, measure capacity, capability and competence.

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