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Ballast Water Treatment Systems

Simplicity, out of the box

Ballast Water Treatment with no restrictions

Why to select KBAL?

Knutsen’s ballast water treatment system, KBAL, is probably the most efficient and simplest BWTS available on the market. Due to the compact pressure/vacuum reactor, the system does not need any filters nor use any chemicals, hence a minimal footprint is ensured. Maritech Group is the exclusive authorized sales office for Greece and Cyprus and service station for Southeastern Europe.


Simplicity without Limitations

Due to its impaired working principle based on Pressure Drop + UV, the system is highly effective for high and very high flow rates while does not need any filters nor any chemicals.
It offers:
Easy Installation | Easy Operation | Easy Maintenance



It is the simplicity of the system and the limited parts used -only the pressure vacuum reactor & the UV chamber-, which makes KBAL having truly minimal wear and tear, minimal redundancy requirements and extremely low OPEX. Except the power, the only consumables are the UV lamps, with a life time of 4000 hours.


Ideal for Retrofits

KBAL does not contain any complex system of filters or chemicals. Hence, the footprint is minimal. Flexible installation, no need for a separate system for AFT peak, synergies for operation with submerged pumps. In-house engineering, no need of 3D scanning. Very short installation time, 1-2 weeks.

Important Announcement

On the 23rd of May, Knutsen Ballast Water AS submitted the official letter of Intent (LOI) to the USCG thereby initiating the formal approval process towards a USCG type approval of the KBAL system. Lloyds will act on behalf of the USCG in this process, and was chosen by KBAL based on a thorough evaluation. The USCG type approval process is combined with a qualification process in accordance with the newly revised IMO Guidelines. Even though we are not among the early movers in the formalization of our USCG Type Approval process, we see some great advantages in not having started the formal process earlier. We now can incorporate the recently released IMO revised G8 in the tests, and the previous uncertainty regarding the USCG detection method on algae is no longer present.

Funding KBAL Ballast Water Treatment Systems is possible.

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About Knutsen Technology A/S

Knutsen Technology AS is a spin-off from Knutsen OAS Shipping AS; a fully integrated shipping company doing shipping operation, newbuilding supervision, chartering and project development in-house. The head quarter is in Haugesund, Norway. Knutsen’s objective is to maintain a fleet of high quality- and technically advanced vessels. Every vessel owned and operated is of a high technical standard.
The company’s strong focus on technology development has resulted in its own proprietary technology for ballast water treatment for large vessels; KBAL

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