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Non-Chemical Water Treatment

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Reliable Corrosion protection of cooling water

Why to Select ELYSATOR?

ELYSATOR is a market leader Non-Chemical Device (NCD) used in any closed-loop cooling water systems for main engines and auxiliary generators as well as Boilers. Elysator protects against corrosion by using a sacrificial anode to extract oxygen, acid and aggressive salts from the water without the use of any chemicals.

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ELYSATOR reduces the concentration of atmospheric oxygen diffusing into the water. The magnesium hydroxide produced in this process helps to raise the pH value to an optimum range while its electrical conductivity drops thanks to partial precipitation which reduces the water hardness. The result is alkaline water that is low in salts and has a minimum oxygen concentration.

Hybrid Features in Open Loop Mode


ELYSATOR is an effective Green technology for treating cooling water without formulating
any by-products. The electro-chemical reaction of the sacrificial anode is reliable, measurable and works without any chemical additives. Numerous installations both onboard and offshore with positive experience for over 40 years now.



ELYSATOR is installed in a bypass circuit of the heating system.
Installation is easy and can be done with a minimum of cost and time from vessel’s crew.
We advise that the systems are drained down (retrofit)
prior to starting up the Elysator system. It is equally suitable for protecting new systems as well as retrofit on existing plants.

Key Benefits of Elysator:

– Environmental Protection

– Better Heat Transfer

– Increased Lifetime

– Improves efficiency of closed loop systems

– Protects workplace environment

– No chemicals

– Minimum maintenance

– Self regulating

– Kills and prevents growth of bacteria

– Savings in cost of chemicals

– Savings in prevention of corrosion related failures

– Fast “Pay back”- ROI within 1-3 years

– Improved water quality due to sludge and deposits removal

– Environmentally safe and meets ISO 1400 requirements

– Ease of sample testing

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Choose Elysator instead of chemical treatments for corrosion protection

Protection Against Corrosion

The function of the Elysator is based on the anodic/cathodic principle i.e. letting a less noble metal (magnesium) be sacrificed (corroded) instead of the system itself, related to galvanic series / elements. During the process the oxygen in the water will be absorbed creating H2O and magnesium hydroxide. When installed the Elysator, the entire system will be protected from corrosion. Even aluminium and aluminium alloys are protected.

What Happens

Dilution of magnesium
Anode: Mg(s) → Mg2+(aq) + 2e–
Cathode: ½O2 + H2O + 2e– → 2OH–
Total reaction: Mg(s) + ½O2 + H2O → Mg (OH)

1. pH - Value

Corrosion is also due to acidic water (low pH value, evaporated water normally holds a pH at aprox.5,5).

The ELYSATOR system automatically regulates the pH value to approx.9.5

(This is caused by splitting of magnesium hydroxide from the anodes).

2. Electrical Conductivity

100% pure water is non-conducting. It is important that electrical conductivity is kept as low as possible in order to avoid galvaic corrosion as well as to reduce the stress on pumps, gaskets, heat exchangers etc. The efficiency of the ELYSATOR is proportional to the conductivity, which means that the ELYSATOR is regulating itself in accordance to the condition in the water.

3. Deposits

Major parts of the deposits are oxides of Fe (iron) and Cu (copper). They are both a result of corrosion due to an oxygen surplus, low pH or a galvanic current. The amount of dissolved copper is a measure for the ongoing corrosion process in your system. Through the ELYSATOR the water will be neutralised and metallic surfaces stabilised. Corrosion is therefore eliminated and the water stays clear, clean and without sediments. The deposit sludge is simply removed by daily draining of the Elysator. Typical values measured during the first month after installing the Elysator, on the engine cooling system of a 17 year old ship.

pH value



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Elysator is a 100 percent replacement for traditional pH & oxygen treatment systems.
Installation is easy and can be done with a minimum of cost and time.

How to install the Elysator

We advise that the systems are drained down (retrofit) prior to starting up the Elysator system. However, if and when required the Elysator can be retrofitted with existing water body and then water replaced gradually by draining and filling. We must strongly underline that the Elysator does not replace any traditional conservation liquid, antifreeze or and flushing liquid during the building period and start up of the machinery prior to delivery. When all machinery is prepared to be taken over, the Elysator can then be taken into use with “none” chemical water, and the maintenance to be followed.

View of the water side of the smoke tubes.
The smoke tubes were found to be clean and clear of apparent defects

Our Guarantees

The anodes are designed to last a number of years, and are therefore dependent of the conductivity and volume of the water, which is to be treated. It will be to the benefit of the user/owner that the water should be drained down, and renewed with new fresh water without chemicals at the start up of Elysator. If this is done, the producer then guaranties the living time (functioning) of the anodes to minimum 3 years. If the anodes are consummated before in spite of renewal of the water, new anodes will be delivered free of charge.

Easy to Install in Closed loop systems and Boilers

The Elysator to be mounted as shown on the illustration in a by-pass position preferably over the main pumps, discharge line to be connected to the lower half (inlet) and suction line to upper half outlet. One Elysator to be used in each loop. The inlet/outlet not in use is to be plugged (only on type15 – 100). The water flow to be adjusted with the regulating valve after the flowmeter, while the ball valve on the inlet remains full open. Mild steel pipes (galvanized pipes is not permitted) and with diameter not less than 1” Elysator to be installed as close as possible to the connection point, and as low as possible in the system

Minimum Service Requirements

The Elysator requires minimum maintenance, however, some service is required.

Draining for sludge is to be done frequently after experience obtained. In retrofit installation, normally 1-once a day in the beginning. Depending on the condition of the system the anodes might have to be taken out several times in the beginning for «cleaning off» the insulating glazed layer, which might occur as a result of remaining chemicals in the system.

We recommend that the Elysator is opened up and cleaned once every 4-week.

When the indicator is more or less on the zero point (to left), the anode might been corroded away or an insulating layer is covering the anode (or the entire water system has been COMPLETELY passivated), so the galvanic current is minimal.



To ease the monitoring and routines, we have an internet based monthly report system which makes it easy to share information and results between owner, ship superintendent and supplier.

Funding Elysator is possible.

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Elysator has been installed and operates successfully in more than 700 vessels for more than 40 years.

In Maritech we support our clients by offering long-term total technical support.
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FAQ: Elysator

Does Elysator fully replaces chemicals?

Elysator has been designed to fully replace and substitute all chemicals, however if chemicals are present then, anodes will be worn out faster.

What is the expected life of the anodes?

Warranty of the anodes is 2 years, if there are no chemicals in the system (if any chemicals we recommend to change water to keep the warranty). Normal estimated lifetime is 5-7 years.

Does the system uses any electrical connections?

No electrical connections are required.

What is the designed working temperature/pressure?

Elysator is working under most common pressures and temperatures normal design ( for the pressure vessel) is 90`c and 6 bars. Other pressure and temperatures up on request

Where should the Elysator be installed?

Lowest possible in the system ( where sludge will normally sediment) and a place where all water will pass (typical in a by pass over the main circulation pump).

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International Water Treatment AS (IWTM) was founded in 1992 with head office in Asker, Norway. Main activity is nonchemical water treatment of any fresh water system to prevent corrosion. This is achieved by installing ELYSATOR in the different heating, cooling and steam generating systems in the industrial, housing and marine applications. Elysator water treatment will keep such systems in exceptionally good condition using the principle of anodic/cathodic protection. In the wake of increased awareness among operators, and regulatory pressure, IWTM offers solutions for bilge water, salt water, emulsified water in oils, grey/black water, cooling water and water for steam production, in addition to various tools for monitoring water standards onboard/on site.

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