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ISO 9001:2015


The Company’s Quality Policy is in line with its philosophy and the principles of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015, aiming to satisfy of all interested parties, compliance with current legislation, the regulatory framework and the continuous improvement of the Quality Management Systems.
Commitment of the Company’s Management and staff is the optimization of the Quality of the provided Services, as it is designed and implemented through a well-organized Quality System which governs all the activities of the Company.

The main keystones on which the achievement of the company’s objectives are based:

  • Customer satisfaction by identifying their needs and requirements at all stages of production, execution and delivery of orders.
  • Supply added value services and products that fully meet the quality and safety standards.
  • Performance optimization of production procedures and systems, through the continuous upgrading of technological equipment and information systems.
  • Building long-term and mutual benefit partnerships with suppliers, customers, employees and foreign firms that are represented by the Maritech Group.
  • Continuous training and education of staff, aiming to improve service quality and to offer added value products to clients.
  • Effective risk management to ensure continuous customer service and uninterrupted business operations.
  • Active participation of employees in the issues of Quality, Safety and Improvement of the Company’s operations.

The Company’s Management fully supports the system’s operation and its continuous improvement. At the same time it is committed to continuously develop, monitor, strengthen and support all the corporate processes.
In order to achieve the above commitments, the Company’s management provides all the necessary resources and takes all necessary actions, such as:

  • The Quality Management System and the Quality Policy should be reviewed at regular to ensure their effectiveness.
  • The quality of the provided services and the results of the quality system are controlled through specific, measurable and achievable targets, which are established and reviewed on a yearly basis.
  • Employees, suppliers and associates of the company have a clear understanding of how important is to meet customer requirements.

The above-mentioned actions of Maritech Group’s Management, demonstrate in practice the commitment of the company to fully satisfy its client’s needs, respecting always the humanity, the society rules and the environment.

Sorokas Dimitris
Chief Executive Officer