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Fresh Water Generator Parts For Your Vessels

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Fresh water Generator Alternative OEM Manufacturer

Why to Select FWG Parts from Maritech Group?

Through our own line of Maritech-branded parts for Fresh Water Generators, we offer high quality alternative spares, that surpass competition and guarantee performance same as original.
With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing, supplying and engineering spare parts for Fresh Water Distillers, Maritech is your best partner to cooperate with.


At Maritech Group we have developed a complete range of Fresh Water Generator plates, designed and manufactured by experienced in-house engineers. We are proud to be one of the world’s largest suppliers for fresh water generator plates, offering our own production line for New plates as well as Used original and tested plates.



Maritech-branded gaskets for Fresh Water Generators have been designed to fit perfectly on Fresh Water Generator’s plates, ensuring unsurpassed operation and efficiency. Our Range fulfills any request, since we produce and supply all types of gaskets for FWG. Gaskets are produced of highest quality material, warrant longer lifetime and a leakage-free operation.

Spare Parts

Spare Parts

We offer a complete range of Fresh Water Generator spare parts. Maritech-branded parts as well as any other supplied spare part are manufactured to be 100% compatible with any type of Fresh Water Distiller. We can ensure on time deliveries for any part of fresh water generator thanks to constant stock availability.

Other Spare Parts for Fresh Water Generators:

– Pressure Plate Demister

– Non-Return Valve

– Spring Loaded Valve

– Diaphragm

– Combined Air/Brine Ejector

– Nozzle

– Housing

– Ejector

– Salinometer Water Meter

– Electrode

– Clamping Bolt

– Nuts

– Thermometers

– Mechanical Seal

– Impeller

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Fresh Water Generator Experts

Fresh water Generators are our expertise

Powered by our deep knowledge and long experience on FWG we have developed our own production line of Maritech-branded parts for Fresh Water Distillers.
Maritech Group manufactures machinery & parts of premium quality and impeccable operation.


Fresh Water Generator’s plates


Fresh Water Generator’s Gaskets


Fresh Water Generator’s Spare Parts

We always try to expand our range and come up with new alternative efficient solutions.

We create products for high performance

A fully dedicated team controls the manufacturing process, starting from the purchase of certified row material and ending to final stage of quality control and on time delivery.
We carefully select material, focusing on high-grade, materials, having always as a priority to ensure long equipment lifetime.

24 months guarantee

We create products compatible with several original fresh water generator manufacturers that surpass competition and guarantee to fit and perform same as original. Maritech-branded plates bear a 24 months guarantee.

A trustworthy supplier for any part of FWG

A trustworthy supplier for any part of Fresh Water Generator, you can count on for your vessel’s requirements.
We offer a complete Range of alternative spare parts for below series of Fresh Water Generator Parts:


JWP-16C – JWP-26C- JWP-36C-DPU series


65-80-100-125 series


EX20, EX30, EX40


SFD 13 – SFD23 series


H20, H35


ADGU series

All spare parts of Maritech Group for Fresh Water Generators are
accompanied by 12 months guarantee and are fully compatible to OEM

Delivery Details

Moreover, they are always delivered on time with detailed installation manuals that:

1. Guideline the crew how to avoid typical errors
during installation or maintenance

2. Help crew diagnose, prevent or resolve
several problems onboard

We continuously enlarge our range of spare parts & machinery,
aiming always to fulfil any request may come up.


our full product range

Maintenance programs that prolong FWG plates lifecycle

Maritech, always a step forward, has developed a precise and reliable program for plate’s maintenance. Experienced service engineers restore fresh water generator plates to their original condition. At Maritech we operate a dedicated Service Center for the maintenance of fresh water distiller’s that follows accurate processes to secure the highest level quality in ten steps.

Plates Reinforcement Program

Delivering technical perfection, we extend Fresh Water Generator’s Plate’s lifetime through a unique Plates reinforcement method that strengthens plates against deformations.

Plates Rotation Program

We stand by our clients and help them save time and reduce their OPEX, by launching “plate’s rotation scheme”.
An Innovation of Maritech Group to maritime industry.

A 12 months guarantee warrants the success of any maintenance case.
Our engineers are looking forward to meet your stringent requirements.

We support our clients

Our mission is to solve technical challenges. Our experienced and skilled engineers provide effective and immediate support, to solve any issue related to Fresh Water Generators.
At Maritech Group, our commitment is to always deliver reliable spare parts and services for your Fresh Water Generator Requirements. For us, an exceptional after sales service support is not a prerequisite but an obligation.

Our Customer service team is well constantly trained in Fresh Water Generators and capable to provide well-trusted solutions to any minor or major problem may encounter.
We stand by your vessel side, providing a 360 professional technical support, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. We stay alert to design optimized technical solutions and support our clients.

Kbal support
Kbal support

In situ or On Board

Delivering trouble-free solutions is the power that motivate us to step forward move on. To make it true we both work in situ or on board, to design, propose and execute the most proper solution, dedicated to your vessel’s requirements. Solution that maximize your performance and reduce your operating costs
Experienced technicians welcome your request in situ or inspect the Fresh Water Generator on the vessel to identify the causes of the problem. We propose advanced, tailor made technical solutions to prevent future disturbances and ensure a flawless operation. We are at client’s disposal during installation or maintenance. Our job is completed only when we are sure that the problem is solved and unit works perfectly.

FAQ: Fresh Water Generator

What is a Fresh Water Generator?

A fresh water generator is a critical machinery onboard vessels for the production of fresh water through the evaporation method. Typically fresh water produced is used for drinking, cooking, washing and running other important machinery which use fresh water as a cooling medium.

Why gasket quality is so important?

Elastomers should have specific properties in regards to hardness, compression, chemical compatibility and temperature resistance. Maritech designs and manufactures gaskets for most FWG makes/types which are of higher quality, longer lifetime and ensure a leakage-free operation.

Is plate material and thickness factors to be considered?

Plates are the major components in a fresh water generator unit. Plate material is Titanium although, material properties, origin and thickness are vital for their lifespan. Contact our engineers to provide you more information.

What are the advantages of selecting Maritech-branded plates for my Fresh Water Generator?

Maritech not just sells plates but also manufactures and repairs. Having the overall expertise, we provide high quality material, proper thickness and extended warranties, to ensure maximum performance.

How Maritech helps to cost reduction of my plate heat exchanger?

Depending on each specific need, we have a wide range of optimized solutions to ensure performance of your unit. Maritech has a dedicated team of experts to support you in the supply of a new or used plate pack in case of emergencies (strategic plate pack), create rotation program to minimize costs, redesign or upgrade based on your current requirements and recondition your equipment extending its lifetime.

What is the best way to maintain my Fresh Water Generator productivity?

Except preventive maintenance it is also recommended to operate fresh water generator at its rated capacity, not more. More production of water than rated capacity means higher concentration of brine and more scale formation. Similarly, higher shell temperatures result in formation of hard scales which will be difficult to remove. All these together will reduce the plant efficiency drastically. Maritech engineers can assist you in getting the best out of your installation.

What is the lifecycle of FWG plates and what can I do to extend it?

There are many parameters that affect lifespan of the plates. Maritech offers dedicated maintenance services including reinforcement of plates to extend their lifetime, helping its customers decrease their total cost of ownership (TCO).

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On Board service

Maritech Group provides a 360 support by designing solutions to the benefit of its customers.
Our cooperation may start with an inspection on the vessel. Experienced technicians inspect the plate Heat Exchanger on the vessel, identify the problem and the causes, so they propose optimized technical solutions, tailor made on the vessels needs and requirements.

Moreover, in challenging circumstances, a dedicated engineering team is at your disposal to install, maintain or repair the plate heat exchanger spare parts you order on board.

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