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Plate Heat Exchanger Parts

Plate Heat Exchanger Experts
Specialized solutions you can trust. High expertise in plate heat exchangers.

A Trustworthy Supplier of Plate Heat Exchanger Parts

We have the knowledge, the resources and the passion to deliver optimized solutions specifically designed for the maritime industry.
With long experience in heat exchanger market, we provide economical and trouble-free products.
We offer a wide range of high quality Plate Heat Exchanger Spares to meet your vessel’s needs
and your company’s requests at any case.


We offer a wide range of plate heat exchanger plates. All supplied as well as own line of Maritech-branded plates are manufactured with certified materials, according to stringent & qualitative standards. We continuously expand our range of heat exchanger plates, having available more than 200 types



Maritech Group is one of the leading suppliers of Gaskets for PHE that you can trust to cooperate with. We always deliver durable gaskets of high quality and exceptional applications. Offering more than 450 types of gaskets in different materials, covering almost all brands.



Refurbished plates and equipment constitute an economical solution for a sustainable operation. We are a leading service provider and have the knowledge to carefully select, repair and guarantee the highest quality of Refurbished heat exchanger plates.

Other Spare Parts for Plate Heat Exchangers:

– Plate Pack

– Rotation Pack

– Frames

– In-line filters

– Rubber Liners

– Instrument Flanges

– Used Units

– New Units with cross reference

Looking for an expert on PHE?

Not just a supplier but a trustworthy manufacturer

We manufacture Plates

Maritech Group has its own production line for plates, gaskets and parts for Plate Heat Exchangers.
In-house engineers design drawings & moulds, monitor precision in process and ensure quality and high performance.
We have designed a detailed system, covering all aspects of production, from the starting materials, the premises and the equipment to the training of staff; to ensure that correct procedures are consistently followed at each step in the manufacturing process – every time a product is made.

At Maritech group Plates & Gaskets parts are manufactured according to superior quality standards while there is detailed traceability at every step of production or delivery stage.

Optimized Material Solutions

Moreover, we have the expertise and the experience to come up with optimized Material solutions, depending on the case and the vessel, while we stand by our clients through consulting and proposing the best technical alternative  that fits their needs and requirements.

A wide range that covers all your needs

Maritech Group is one of the world’s largest suppliers for plate heat exchanger’s parts, offering a wide range of Heat Exchangers plates, gaskets for plates and other related spare parts for the below brands :
Alfa-Laval, APV, APV/Pasilac , Barriquand, Corblin Donghwa, Fischer Hisaka Reheat, Sasakura Schmidt, Silkeborg, Sondex, Sordi Stork Swep, Tranter, Vicarb, GEA

Available Materials for Plates


Titanium Gr1 ASTM B265 0.5/0.6 MM


AISI 316L 0.5/0.6 MM

Available Materials for Elastomers










our full range of available models

Maritech Group Spare parts for Plate Heat exchangers are fully compatible to OEM,
while we offer a 24 months guarantee.

Delivery Details

All PHE parts  are delivered  with detailed installation manuals that:

1. Guideline the crew how to avoid typical errors
during installation or maintenance

2. Help crew diagnose, prevent or resolve
several problems onboard

We always try to expand our range and come up with new alternative efficient solutions.

Deep knowledge and expertise in PHE

Combining technical knowledge with numerous maintenance projects, Maritech Group is one of the world’s leading service providers at Plate Heat Exchanger Parts.
Maintenance requires deep knowledge and expertise. In Maritech Group we follow a strict process to secure accuracy, quality and ensure high quality of maintenance, providing 12 months guarantee.

Why to select our maintenance schemes for plate heat exchangers parts

1. Prolong plate’s lifetime.

We provide owners with an economical and robust solution.

2. High performance

deliver repaired plates of high performance and accurate application

3. Reduce OPEX

thanks to our innovative services of plates rotation and “save plates” program, ship owners have the unique chance to create their own stock of Plate Heat Exchanger parts and use it upon request

Superior Quality for High Performance.

Always Delivering solutions that enable your vessels travel further.

We support our clients

Our Clients are our priority. That’s why at Maritech Group we focus on an exceptional after sales support service.
Our Customer service team is not only well experienced and trained in PHE, but also able to understand and provide promptly a reliable solution at any problem related to Plates Heat Exchangers may occur.

Maritech Groups provides a 360 professional technical support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make sure that whenever one of our clients needs assistance or face difficulties we are there to contribute finding the best solution to any troubleshooting.
We stand by you to provide any information, assistance or advice or technical support you may need regarding the Plates Heat Exchangers production, supply, maintenance or delivery. We are at your disposal to meet your needs worldwide

Kbal support

FAQ: Plate Heat Exchangers

Why gasket quality is so important?

According to the application, elastomers should have specific properties in regard to hardness, compression, chemical compatibility and temperature resistance. Maritech has the expertise to assist you in material selection among standard and special compounds for marine applications, offered at a competitive price.

How Maritech offers better gaskets?

We have our own compression presses, running own dedicated production and also have strong established agreements with approved and qualified factories, ensuring that supplied gaskets are of top quality while manufactured according to OEM specifications. Our gaskets bear 12 months warranty, material certification, have better performance and extended lifetime.

Why plate certification is important?

Plate heat exchangers consist of a corrugated set of metal plates with portholes for the passage of two fluids between there is thermal exchange. According to the application, there are various alloys and grades ie. Titanium, AISI etc . Several plates are available in the market although certification is vital, to ensure quality and warrant return on investment. Contact our engineers to provide you more information.

How do I select proper plates for my vessel?

Maritech not just sells plates but also manufactures and repairs. Having the overall expertise, we provide high quality material, proper thickness and extended warranties, to ensure maximum performance.

What is the best way to keep my unit operational?

Preventive maintenance is the solution of keeping your performance at high level. Maritech has contracted several service agreements, ensuring trouble-free operation.
Contact our engineers to provide you more information.

What is the life cycle of heat exchanger plates and what can you do to extend it?

Life cycle depends from several factors. Within Maritech service portfolio, we do not just repair plates but reinforce them, extending their lifetime. Contact our engineers to provide you more information.

How Maritech helps to cost reduction of my plate heat exchanger?

Depending on each specific need, we have a wide range of optimized solutions to ensure performance of your unit. Maritech has a dedicated team of experts supporting you to the supply of a new or used plate pack in case of emergencies (strategic plate pack), create rotation program to minimize costs, redesign or upgrade based on your current requirements and recondition your equipment extending its lifetime.

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We always deliver spare parts of high quality to our clients!

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On Board service

Maritech Group provides a 360 support by designing solutions to the benefit of its customers.
Our cooperation may start with an inspection on the vessel. Experienced technicians inspect the plate Heat Exchanger on the vessel, identify the problem and the causes, so they propose optimized technical solutions, tailor made on the vessels needs and requirements.
Moreover, in challenging circumstances, a dedicated engineering team is at your disposal to install, maintain or repair the plate heat exchanger spare parts you order on board.

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