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Pump Parts

Efficient and fully compatible pump solutions of high quality

Efficient Solutions that fullfill your Requirements

Available Pump spares include: impellers, covers, housings, mechanical seals, o-rings, packings, couplings, service / repair kits, bearings among other parts.
At Mariteh Group, your partner for maritime spare parts and machinery, you can find on stock a Wide Range of PUMP Parts for below brands:

Taiko, Teikoku, Ishii, Shinko, IMO

All pump parts are manufactured according to strict quality standards and are offered together with a 12 months warranty.
Materials of superior quality that contribute to an excellence performance of your machineries.

Our Experienced engineers will advise you in selecting the most suitable option which fulfils your requirements.
All pumps spare parts supplied by Maritech Group are have been extensively tested researched for their suitability, material composition and efficiency.
Always delivered on time with installation guidelines that help your crew.
At Maritech group we offer prompt availability of high quality pump spare parts. We deliver pump spares all over the world, while expedited deliveries is not a problem for us.
If you are experiencing problems with IMO pumps, it is time to try Maritech groups proposal of alternative spare parts, made to the exact standards as original parts.

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Expert in Spare Parts for Maritime Industry

We manufacture Spare Parts

Powered by our deep knowledge and long experience on Fresh water Generator and Plate Heat Exchangers, we have developed our own production line and we manufacture Fresh Water Generator’s & Heat Exchangers plates & gaskets and other spare parts, dedicated to Maritime Industry. A fully dedicated team controls the manufacturing process, starting from the purchase of certified row material and ending to final stage of quality control and on time delivery.

We create alternative spare parts compatible with several original that
surpass competition and guarantee to fit and perform same as original.

Optimized Material Solutions

In-house engineering, design of moulds, monitor precision process and ensure quality, high performance and impeccable operation.
We create alternative spare parts compatible with several original that surpass competition and guarantee to fit and perform same as original.
We carefully select material, focusing on high quality materials, having always as a priority to ensure long equipment lifetime.
We always try to expand our range and come up with new alternative efficient solutions, that benefit our clients and reduce their OPEX.

We supply Spare Parts

Maritech Group is one of the world’s largest suppliers for alternative spare parts, delivering optimized technical solutions to maritime industry.
We offer a wide range of spare parts for Fresh Water Generators, Plate Heat Exchangers, Pump Parts, Separator Parts, Filters, Main engine Parts and other parts specialized to shipping sector.
We are a trustworthy supplier with a complete Range of alternative spare parts you can count on for your vessel’s needs.

Available on stock a really broad range of parts for Fresh Water Generators
and Plate Heat Exchangers, such as plates and gaskets

Alternative spare parts for

Alfa-Laval, APV, APV/Pasilac Barriquand, Corblin, Donghwa, Fischer, Hisaka, Reheat, Sasakura, Schmidt, Silkeborg, Sondex, Sordi, Stork, Swep, Tranter,  Vicarb, Gea, Nirex, Dpu, Aqua, Atlas Denmark: Adgu, Sasakura, Mitsubishi, Westfalia

Delivery Details

All spare parts of Maritech Group are accompanied by a 12 months guarantee and are fully compatible to original maker. Moreover, they are always delivered on time with detailed installation manuals that:

  • guideline the crew how to avoid typical errors during installation or maintenance
  • help crew diagnose, prevent or resolve several problems onboard

A reliable service center

Combining technical knowledge with numerous maintenance projects, we are one of the world’s leading service providers, specialized on Plates recondition.

Experienced service engineers restore Plates Heat Exchanger & fresh water generator plates to their original condition.
We follow an accurate process to secure the highest level quality in ten steps.
Our commitment is to always deliver repaired plates of high performance and accurate application. That’s why a 12 months guarantee ensures the success of any maintenance project we undertake.

We stand by our clients and help them save time and reduce their OPEX by launching the innovative schemes:

Plate’s Reinforcement

Plates Rotation

Strategic Plate Packs

Thanks to these programs ship owners have the unique chance to create their own stock of Plates for  Heat Exchanger parts or Fresh Water Generator and use it upon request.
It is our passion to deliver technical excellence which lead us to extend of Fresh Water Generator’s Plate’s lifetime through a unique
Plate’s reinforcement method, that strengthens plates against deformations.

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We always deliver hiqh quality spare parts to our clients

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